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Title: Bliss & Satisfaction
Author: ahoyyy [shocking, i know.]
Pairing: Kradam
Rating: NC-17
A/N: beta'd by the wondrous adelphi23. :) Written for the kink meme at ontd_ai, prompt 71: 'Kris loves being fingered. Long and explicit.' also this is my first porn, huzzah for actually writing and finishing things! \o/ Feedback is A++.

If Kris could pick one thing to feel for the rest of his life, one thing only, it would be the feeling of Adam’s long, able fingers, tight inside his ass.

It was late at night and Kris was restless. He couldn’t sleep, not when he was this horny, thoughts running through his head that would appall his fans, most of whom held the (very false) belief that Kris was virginal and innocent. The bottom line was - he needed Adam.

“Adam, you awake?”

No answer. Kris dragged himself out of bed and up to Adam’s bunk, straddling him and snaking a hand down the front of his briefs. He pressed touches, teasing and feather-light, to his cock and whispered in his ear a low and sultry wake up.

Adam stirred and slowly opened his eyes, groggy with sleep. His cock acted otherwise, hardening quickly under Kris’ teasing touches.

“Well, you must want something,” he said, grinning and pressing a chaste kiss to Kris’ lips.

Kris kissed back in a way that was anything but chaste, tongue exploring the depths of Adam’s mouth and teeth capturing his bottom lip and biting down. Adam groaned softly and slipped his fingers inside the waistband of Kris’ boxers, slipping them off easily. Kris’ cock was so hard already; veins visible, precum dripping down the head.

“Fuck, Kris. You’re already hard for me.” Adam said huskily, wrapping a hand around Kris’ shaft and stroking lightly, teasingly until Kris let out a soft, pleasing moan. Adam pressed his lips against the wet head of Kris’ cock, allowing the precum to coat his lips before pulling away and pressing his lips against Kris’, letting him taste himself. Kris moaned into Adam’s mouth, letting the man ravage him in a way that was practically primal.

“God, Adam, fuck. I need you.” Kris moaned, long and desperate as Adam stroked his cock and teased his balls, moving back to graze over his perineum and then his tight hole, causing Kris to cry out.

“You like that? I bet you can’t want to feel my fingers inside you. Fuck, I bet you’re so tight.” Adam removed his fingers and brought them to Kris’ mouth, slipping them between his lips almost aggressively. Kris moaned wantonly, sucking the digits desperately, coating them thickly with saliva.

Adam pulled his fingers out and immediately traced a path down Kris’ body with his wet fingers, pinching his hard nipples along the way. Kris cried out and whimpered, a mangled please escaping his lips. By now Adam was hovering over his entrance, so close.

“Tell me what you want.” Adam’s tone was commanding, authoritative. He began tracing small, teasing, barely-there circles over Kris’ hole, getting him wet.

“Fuck, Adam, please. Please, I want your fingers. Fuck.” Kris had been reduced to whimpering and begging in a practically incoherent manner, because jesus, he wanted this. He wanted this so bad.

“And you have my fingers, Kris, is that all?” Adam grinned. He loved to see him beg.

“Shit, Adam I want—need your fingers. Inside me, Adam, please.” Adam continued to trace circles around his tight opening, harder this time, stroking his hole with the pad of his finger before sliding the tip of it in. He slowly slid the rest of his finger in, all the way to the knuckle.

“Fuck, you’re so tight.” He began sliding his finger in and out of Kris, relishing in the small sounds of sheer ecstasy he made, like he had died and gone to heaven.

“You want more?” Kris could only nod. Adam began teasing his opening with a second finger while still moving the first in and out of Kris. He slowly pushed a second finger in as Kris moaned, desperate and needy. Soon after he added a third finger, and Kris could barely take it anymore, rocking back and forth on Adam’s fingers, trying to get as much friction as possible. His cock was so hard, precum dripping down his length.

“Fuck yes, Adam, more,” Kris choked out. “God, so good.” Adam thrust his fingers into Kris and slowly drew them out to the very tip, opening him up. He slowly began sliding a fourth finger in, little by little, until all four were buried to the knuckle, the pressure on his prostate almost too much to bear. Kris moaned, desperate keening sounds coming from him. He was so full, cock so hard, he needed to come. He wrapped a hand around his cock, which was quickly replaced by Adam’s bigger, more skilled hand. It began stroking hard and fast, thumb dragging over the head, teasing the slit.

It was perfectly exquisite, four fingers inside him, filling him up, and a hand stroking his hard cock till he could barely see straight. If Kris could, he would feel like this forever.

Adam’s hand was still on his cock, stroking and twisting and reaching down to tease at his balls, rubbing at them slowly before returning to his cock. Kris felt his orgasm coiling in his stomach, spreading throughout his body, and his vision went spotted as he moaned, long and loud and perfect, feeling himself come harder than he thought possible, hole clenching and spasming around Adam’s fingers as he spurted white, painting his stomach and arms.

Adam removed his fingers from Kris’ entrance and licking some of the come off his stomach, tongue dragging teasingly over his body before finding Kris’ lips and pressing a kiss to them, letting Kris taste himself. Adam knew he loved it. After pressing one more chaste but come-smeared kiss to the corner of Kris’ mouth, he motioned to his sizable erection.

“Aren’t you going to help?”

Kris grinned, blissed-out and satisfied. “What are friends for?”



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